Monday, October 29, 2012

Luxury Touch

Texture elements are featured in many designs on garments. Many textures are influenced by our surroundings such as; animals, nature and home furnishing.  A designer can be inspired by the gracious and majestic feathers of a peacock. The intricate spirals and vibrant coloring can be interpreted beautifully onto fabric. Touch is one of our main senses and most valuable to our hands. Texture in fabric can be described as bristly, flat, harsh, shiny, velvety and thick. Texture comes in many different shapes, sizes and touch.

A silk shell with matching silk fabric trousers is the perfect combination.  

A block of ice has a  slick and smooth hand.

The internal layer of a coconut has a flat surface touch and silky feeling.

Silk  bedding is the ultimate key for an elegant style with its lustrous and shiny fabric.

Scales on Scales

Scale textures sleeves.
Thick and rugged skin.
 Hanging pangolin with overlapping scales. 

The eye can touch the scale.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Navy and Sapphire

It was a twinkling show at the Giorgio Armani Spring 2013 Ready-to-wear collection in Milan.  It was a galaxy inspired collection with shooting stars or should I mention how garments were flying on the runway with shades of cool and sapphire blues, blacks and metallic grays.  

We all know that shooting stars occur thousands of times during one night but Giorgio Armani shot the stars back into galaxy. As stars struck the runway everyone wished for his timeless pieces. Not only did he create timeless garments he added a mixture of futuristic silhouettes with a galaxy inspired color pallet.

Color Forecast Assignment

                                                         New York London Milan Paris
This past month color pallets were being photographed on the runway from around the world. The House of Giorgio Armani featured cool, glittering and dazzling colors for his Spring 2013 Ready-to wear collection in Milan. 

Color Story
Giorgio Armani
 Spring 2013 Ready-to-wear

Complimentary Colors

Here are the complimentary color swatches that work well with Spring 2013 shades.
From the top left: Wake-Up-Sunshine, Soft Lips, Outside- the-Box, Tulip and Fresh Grass.


Playful Colors