Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Armani will face the future with confidence.

In order for the empire of the Italian fashion group to continue to grow and build even stronger brand reputation the company must continue to excel.  Some of the most important aspects for a company are to forecast trends, economic status, demographics and global changes.  Over the course of the term, we were able to analyze and forecast different aspects of our fashion house.  We had the opportunity to dive into the fashion house and analyze many aspects of the company. Each forecast was probable towards the final sales forecast because it helped me better understand the company.




Cultural Influence . 
Color Board .

 Each forecast touched a particular niche such as, color, trends, runway, street style, texture and a deep research of the history of the company. All aspects play a huge role to the final outcome; sales.  Every forecast is important and helps generate current and future sales. Bringing in photos and key statement pieces from the runway and street style helped me have a better understanding of the construction of garments and a vision of his clientele. Both aspects are important for buyers to allocate the merchandise successfully.  Color and texture can evoke emotions and build character to the final product. The more knowledge of history the better the forecast can be for the future.  

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